On a search for justice and freedom, hoping to lift the spirits of the downtrodden with words of solidarity and hope.


Ryan Herring: The Ghetto Monk founder and editor-in-chief. I am a native of Baltimore, Md. I earned my bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Oakland City University in Oakland City, Ind. 

January 2014 I published my first ebook entitled, Digital Musings: Reflections Inspired by Tweets, which is available here.

My passion is to articulate how a faithful reading of the Bible should lead Christians to confront issues of social injustice. Follow me on twitter.

Travis Mayberry: The Ghetto Monk managing editor. Husband. Father to two beautiful girls. Born in Louisville, KY. I'm currently on a break from education in order to concentrate on my faith and my family. In addition to blogging, I like to travel, play and watch sports, play xbox and I coach 5th/6th grade basketball. My passion is to help those in need, whether it be spiritual or not. I try to show the same love Christ displayed to everyone. Follow me on twitter.

Brandon Herring: The Ghetto Monk contributor. Raised in Baltimore, Md, I obtained my B.A. in Communications from the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Ky where I currently reside. I lead the Orientations for Jefferson Community and Technical College by day and am an event planner and promoter by night.

My strong interest in religion and social justice compels me to occasionally write for The Ghetto Monk, while I also have a strong passion for culture, food, hiphop, sports, and technology. However nothing is more important to me than my family and close friends. Follow me on twitter.