The Scroll 1/30/15: Top Five Christian Articles of the Week

1. Why @TefPoe is Leading, and Clergy are Following
In the post-Civil Rights Black Church, Hip Hop culture has emerged as a powerful religious praxis in the black community. Filling a void that was once occupied by spirituals, blues, Dr. King, and the black panthers; Hip Hop has surfaced as a new movement of religious expression...continue reading
2. they would respect us if
With the Ferguson movement and other protests around the country highlighting the dual but interrelated problems of police brutality and racial profiling in African American communities, many public intellectuals have been pondering the reasons why Blacks are more likely to be profiled, brutalized, or worse, murdered in cold blood as Mike Brown was...continue reading
3. Racial Identity and the Church
Each week we sat in a circle, huddled in a dorm room preparing our hearts for worship. For an entire semester our small group of diverse women gathered together to pray. One day a new face joined our little group. When it was time for her to pray, she started off shyly, carefully choosing each word. A voice within the group gently interrupted, “You know you can pray in any language you want.” We all felt her body shift as she exclaimed, “Really?” We opened our eyes and nodded in unison...continue reading
4. 3 MLK quotes that convict me today
A fifth point regarding nonviolent resistance is that it avoids not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. The nonviolent resistor not only refuses to shoot his opponent but he also refuses to hate him...continue reading
5. Neo-Anabaptist myths and Mennonite reality on the problem of white homogeneity in Anabaptist communities
Not so fast my neo-Anabaptist brothers (and sisters?). It seems like a brief and short response to the prevalent myth running in neo-Anabaptist circles, in regards to the problem of white homogeneity that needs broader insight to break past the myth and look at what is actually going on in reality...continue reading
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