The Scroll 8/15/14: Top Five Christian Articles of the Week

A study came out recently saying that millennials (a category that I apparently fit into) consider ourselves the “post-racial” generation. By and large, young adults think they are the ones who have moved past racism...continue reading

War is always ugly. The loss of innocent lives is never easy to swallow. And yet, as tanks open fire on the humble homes of the Gazan poor and rockets rain down on a terrified Israeli populace we are compelled to ask, “How do we keep coming back to this profane and violent place called war?” Why do we consistently and continually fail to understand the simple principles of our own faith and the faiths of those who profess a belief in God?...continue reading
3. Theological Bankruptcy
In his groundbreaking work, God of the Oppressed, theologian James Cone describes moving to Detroit in the midst of a series of insurrections. He noted the silence and indifference of white Christians to what was happening in urban centers across America in the late 1960's. He writes that their lack of response to what was happening in their own nation "was not only humiliating but wrong. It revealed an insensitivity to black pain and suffering but also, and more importantly for my vocation as a theologian, a theological bankruptcy." Cone's words have never been more prophetic than they are today when faced with the deafening silence of American Christianity in the face of racialized violence...continue reading
4. Anthony Bradley and Theologies of Respectability
Back in 2008, at the height of his extraordinary tirade against Barrack Obama, television personality Glenn Beck delved into discussions about black liberation theology. Looking for an expert to corroborate his views, Beck invited theologian Anthony Bradley onto his show. Drawing upon a series of essays that he had written for Beck’s newsletter, Bradley goes on in the segment to dismiss black liberation theology for its apparent “victimhood” and Marxist ties. Beyond theologically buttressing an extreme right-wing attack of Obama’s political and religious legitimacy, Bradley has continuously displayed a fascinating track-record that encapsulates what I like to call theologies of respectability...continue reading
 5. The Bible says ‘Mourn’ for Iraq and Gaza before you tweet for it!
Like it or not, the world is at war. However most of the time, we don’t give it a second thought. We don’t have to, that is, until a crisis like that in Iraq or a protracted high-profile conflict like that which is currently taking place between Gaza and Israel (and is still happening in Syria and dozens of other nations throughout the world, especially throughout Africa, lest we forget!)...continue reading
The Bible says ‘Mourn’ for Iraq and Gaza before you tweet for it! - See more at:
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