The Scroll 5/16/14: Top Five Christian Articles of the Week

It is perhaps the most difficult of the spiritual disciplines to retain: the daily reading of God’s word.
It is not that the exercise itself is particularly hard. You simply crack open the pages of scripture and let your eyes roam across the jots and tittles. No, it is not the mechanics of the daily devotion that is so challenging, it is the consistency... continue reading
2. Does Jesus Love African-American Males?
Does Jesus love African-American males? Then why aren’t we telling them so?!
I recently held a Town Hall Meeting at my church in my hometown of Madison, Wis., regarding the blaring racial disparity between whites and African Americans. This gathering attracted about 650 people who wanted to hear my thoughts after reading my "Justified Anger ” cover essay in a local newspaper. It appears that when one considers the economic, academic, arrest and incarceration disparities between African Americans and whites in Madison (and surrounding Dane County), there is no bleaker place for African Americans to be in the entire country than Madison. Although Madison — with its great university, beautiful lakes, bike paths, and educated residents — typically receives high marks as being among the best mid-sized American cities in which to live, it is now developing a different reputation about life here. Sadly, our community has been nationally deemed as ground zero for the disintegration of African-American males!... continue reading
3. Are We Christians Good Neighbors?
Mrs. Bea was my mother’s best friend. The two of them used to laugh together as if they were the only two in the universe. They spent a lot of their free time together, which was easy since they lived half a block apart... continue reading
4. Do You Need To Stop Reading That “Christian” Blogger?
Your local church pastor is not as edgy and provocative as your favorite blogger or writer, and that’s a good thing.I’m the first guy to advocate Christians preachers and teachers have thoughtful, bold, and worthwhile words to say. I bristle when I hear speakers hunt and peck around important, yet touchy, topics for the sake of their own advancement, brand, pedigree, or future opportunities. I believe it a form of cowardice. It’s not worthy of the gospel. Yet….
There is great benefit to Christians leaders and teachers keeping their mouths shut. (Tweet That)Here’s what I mean… continue reading
5. “i don’t like black people”
Last Sunday, I took my boys to our new black Church. When we pulled into the parking lot, Ransom (8.5) sighed. “Ugh. Mama, I don’t want to go this one. I wanted to go to Daddy’s (white) Church!” Rhysie (4.5), of course, followed suit. “Yeah, Mama. I didn’t want to go to this one.” I lug them out of the car, pontificating about having a good attitude and being thankful for all things blah blah blah when I realize I need to tell them the truth. “Look boys, it’s good for Mama to be around other black people. Mama needs more black people in her life...continue reading

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