How to Run a Race #RIPGerminaCruz

The response to the passing of Germina Cruz has been overwhelmingly sad to say the least. She touched so many lives in such a short time. She hasn't escaped my thoughts once since I received the news of her passing.

There are many people who were a lot closer to Germina than I was. I offer to them my prayers and condolences. I also send my prayers to her family and to the friends and family of Kerry Benson (the young man who also died in the car accident). 

My dad shared a few words with me during a phone conversation that uplifted my spirit in a way that I think would make Germina smile. He has been able to observe the amount of grief just through his connections to people our age on Facebook. From the pictures people posted to the stories they captioned them with, it was easy for him to get a sense of the type of person she was. Germina was sweet, caring, kind, joyful, upbeat, life of the party, and beautiful. God gives everyone a race to run. My dad reassured me that although her race was short, she had ran it as best as possible. In the end it will be her life, her energy, her spirit, and the memories we created with her that impacts us rather than the loss of her. 

I'm thankful for your life, our friendship, and for the moments we spent together, though they were few and far between. Your life taught me a lot about the type of race I hope to run. You are a champion in God's kingdom. God bless you Germz, you will be missed.

Anisha Linton has started a fundraising project to help pay for the memorial services. It has reached its goal but if you would still like to donate you can here.

Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you.
May my prayer come before you;
turn your ear to my cry.
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  1. I didn't really know Germina, I just know of her. But from that, I could tell that she was a very nice young lady that loved to have a good time and people loved to be around her. She, her family and friends, and anyone touched by the loss of those involved are in my prayers.

  2. i remember my first real conversation with Germina, we had spoke before but nothing serious. I used to always tease her before she turn 21 that she wasnt old enough to come party with the grown ups lol.. but anyway she had ask me for sum tix to one of my parties and I was around campus so i told her i would come drop them off to her. I met her by her spot and got out the car and handed her the tix but then we ended talking for like 45mins up against my car i couldnt even tell about what but i remember finally leaving and thinking to myself wow i dont even know this girl and we just had one of the best conversations began my friendship with Germina

  3. To all the young people who are morning the loss of your friend Germina, your grief and your pain resonates with me. Clearly, she was loved by many. And without question, she touched so many lives with her evident joy, her love of life, her passion for her work and her deep appreciation for her friends and family. It is never easy to lose a friend and platitudes of comfort aren't always helpful. But I would offer this: God asked her to bring light and love into the world, and for 23 years she shone as bright as the sun. Your tears are evidence of how wonderfully she did what was asked of her. And she transitions heavenward. And on some dark night, when you need a little light, a little joy, you may look up into the sky and catch her shining still. God bless you all. God bless Germina and her surviving family and friends. Shine on, little light, shine on.