The Scroll 2/7/14: Top Five Christian Articles of the Week

1. Why I Celebrate Black History Month
February is Black History Month. I have to admit that before a few years ago, I didn’t really celebrate this in any real way, besides giving it some cursory acknowledgement. But now, I actively celebrate this month, both in my personal life as well as in the life of the church. I don’t do so because it’s the right thing for an educated person to do, or in an attempt to pander to political correctness. Nor do I do this because I consider myself anything close to an expert on black history and culture. The reason I unapologetically celebrate Black History Month is because the past couple of years of my life have made me realize that, even as a Korean-American, it was only appropriate that I do so...continue reading
The graphic comes from the Public Religion Research Institute. You’ll notice that it also undermines the evangelical claim that they’re doing better with younger generations than progressive Christians. You’ll see that’s not true. In fact, the evangelical drop is more precipitous than the mainline drop — they’ve also got further to fall...continue reading
Whenever I hear about someone else making a case for New Earth Creationism in the name of Christianity, I’m embarrassed, once again, to associate myself with them. And people wonder why many of us prefer to identify as “Jesus followers” or “Spiritual but not Religious” rather than be lumped in with the Ken Hams of the world...continue reading
4. What the Christian Right Gets Wrong About Sin
In the latest volley of the Christian culture wars, dozens of prominent conservative Christian leaders -- including Rick Warren, Ravi Zacharias, and Wayne Grudem -- have filed an amicus brief supporting Hobby Lobby in the ongoing battle over contraception. Much ink has already been spilled in this battle -- about contraception, religious liberty, freedom of choice -- and I have no interest in arguing those topics that many others have already addressed. But I do believe this brief offers us a glimpse at one of the flawed premises driving our ongoing culture wars...continue reading
Bill McKibben gets to the bottom of the debate regarding the compatibility of science and religion in an interview with Bill Moyers. McKibben, an environmental activist and author, explained the premise behind his article "Will Evangelicals Help Save The Earth?" and argued that faith and environmentalism can work together for a better Earth...continue reading
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