My Walk: Man on Fire

Recently I've been trying to find a way to do more blogging for The Ghetto Monk and to be honest for a while I was really uninspired. That is until I had what I believed to be a grand idea for the blog.
The idea is to start a photo journal of pictures that I think either inspire, influence, or define my walk as a Christian. These pictures will be accompanied by my explanation of the picture and what it means to my walk. So, here is the first of many. Follow my journey.

This picture was taken with my iPhone at a bonfire. About a week ago I attended my first one. It was so cold that night, but I believed my friend Mike who told me the flames would be hot enough to keep me warm. When he finally lit the wood after dumping enough gasoline to fill an RV on it, the flames began to roar and I was excited as the other little kids who were about 10-15 years younger than me. As I sat back and marveled at the fire it reminded me of the fire I feel everyday to get up and continue my everlasting walk with Jesus. I was baptized for the 2nd time December 8th, 2013 and since then I feel like there's been this flame I've been sitting that urges me to go out and strive to be like Christ. I will say like the bonfire there were days the flames weren't roaring. I quickly realized that if you don't add to your faith constantly that flame can soon start to burn out.

During the bonfire I noticed Mike would occasionally add more wood to the fire. I turned around and there was a trailer full of chopped wood waiting to be burned. It made me think about when I would feel myself losing that flame within myself and how that led to me reading the Bible, praying, or just having a spiritual conversation with someone and slowly but surely each time I'd gain that fire back. It was as if each time it added a spiritual log to my fire. It's normal to feel uninspired and to feel like you need a pick me up or kick start. I know that as I look to be spiritually fed that my fire grows and as long as I aim to do the work of the Lord, loving and serving others as God commands, then my fire will never die out. It is my hope that anyone who reads this will be inspired to find something that feeds their fire and strive to keep it from burning out as it will do if it is left sitting around in this world too long unattended like a bonfire in the midst of a cold winter night. 
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