Walking In Authority by Shauntrice Martin

This time last year I was married & pregnant with my whole life on the horizon. I would often brag about how happy I (thought I) was and give others advice. I felt good and I felt blessed. I remember writing a blog post with my ex-husband about how to be in a healthy relationship.

The only thing I was missing was the most important part: a strong connection between my creator, my husband and myself.

I am not about to complain about the drama that unfolded following our separation. My son is a divine blessing. Besides, God has a plan. Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to discuss something the children's choir sang about at Reid Temple AME today: WALKING IN AUTHORITY.

Walking in authority is deeper than I have understood in the past. It involves a real overstanding of your spiritual bond with God. It provides the ammunition you need to fight for your soul when evil forces seek to overcome your very being.

This is something I continue to struggle with, but one thing that keeps me afloat is knowing that my God has saved me from abusive and demeaning relationships. My God has provided for me even when my faith was wear. The creator continues to protect me from harm. And my job is to try my hardest each day to WALK IN AUTHORITY.

This is something I will continue to meditate on, but I just felt something on my heart that I thought may help others. Most of all, though, I am striving to be a better me and take it one day at a time.

Much love & tranquility

-Shauntrice (JuneBug's Momma)

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  1. this is so much like what i went through...but how do yu move on???

    1. Fearlessly. Much easier said than done. A dedicated prayer life and involvement in some form of community that is supportive and loving.

  2. I hear you sista and understand and empathize with your struggle. All this year I have been getting revelations that this year is about establising spiritual foundation. This has been a struggle for myself trying to figure out what my spiritual identity is. Society makes me feel like you have to choose a religion then a denomination in order to be spiritual sound but I have come to accept that I? Spiritually eclectic and I remind myself everyday that we all aim for the common goal and it just may go by different names! Thank sis for sharing, I love and admire your vulnerability and authenticity!