Madiba: Rest in Peace to an Icon

I wrote a post dedicated to Fred Hampton, the 21 year old Black Panther Party leader who was gunned down in his sleep on December 4, 1969, but in light of today's events it would seem more appropriate to dedicate a post to Nelson Mandela. John 15:13 states, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." I quote this verse a lot when discussing my heroes because they all understood love and ultimate sacrifice. Although Nelson Mandela did not suffer the same fate as other freedom fighters he undoubtedly sacrificed everything for the greater good of all people. He spent 27 years locked away in prison for fighting for the rights of his people. To me that is a lifetime. I haven't even been on this earth for 27 years. There will be thousands of posts written in the coming days and I don't have anything unique to offer. Nelson Mandela was a fighter, a hero, a father to a nation and to all of those who watched him from afar. So, I would like to simply say thank you to Mr. Mandela and use what little corner of this ever expanding online universe that I occupy to recognize his achievements and celebrate his life and legacy.

And here are 7 Things You Can Learn From Nelson Mandela's Life:

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