The Scroll 11/08/13: Top Five Christian Articles of the Week

1.  The Jesus Legend: What Did Early Christians Really Believe?
I think it is fair to say that there are aspects of the Christian faith that rail against modern sensibilities. The miracle stories, the virgin birth, the resurrection and ascension… these all operate outside the framework of contemporary science. One of the common accusations leveled against Christianity is that these stories were developed over a period of time, adopting surrounding philosophies and mythologies, and sculpting a legend of Jesus that eventually gave birth to Christian theology generations after the life of Jesus...continue reading
2.  Has Drone Firepower Conquered Christ's Love?
For centuries, followers of Jesus have wondered how they should relate to states and governments. Recent documents from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations bring such concerns to the fore, highlighting the cruel collateral damage of many of President Barack Obama’s personally ordered drone strikes — strikes that according to the president, are legal and in accord with international law, use technology that is precise and limit unnecessary casualties, eliminate people that are real threats, and prevent greater violence...continue reading
3. Thinking About The Future of the Church
Tonight I got the opportunity to attend "Innovating Tradition: A Conversation with Two Urban Pastors on the Future of the Church." The event was held at Calvary Baptist Church in the heart of Washington, DC, and it featured pastor Amy Butler (AB) and special guest Nadia Bolz-Weber (NBW). While the context of the assembly was NBW's book tour, the real centerpiece of the conversation was how church in America must evolve to be a true source of relevant spiritual nourishment in the contemporary world. At the risk of oversimplifying, I want to remark quickly on three major themes I heard...continue reading
4.  The Nightmares
I have nightmares. I can gauge the rawness of the dream by how long it takes to feel like my normal self again. A garish nightmare will take days, maybe even a week to work through. A bad nightmare may take half a day at least. A bad dream, maybe 2-4 hours. Something someone else may articulate as merely a “weird” dream takes 15-20 minutes post waking time to come down from...continue reading
5.  Pope Francis Kisses Man With Rare Disorder Showing The Healing Power Of Compassion
Pope Francis' compassionate nature was poignantly captured in this image of him tenderly comforting a sick man by kissing him on the here
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